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Service Maintenance & Refurbishment

Tasman Tanks offers complete inspection and after sales service for all types of tanks, whether it’s a Tasman or non-Tasman tank, including concrete or aging cast iron tanks. For new Tasman Tanks we can provide full warranty compliant service and maintenance agreements as per our operations and maintenance schedule provided with the tank. In addition we can implement recommended service programs for non-Tasman Tanks. 

Our Tank refurbishment services include – liner replacement, roof replacement, nozzle change outs, installation of new nozzles, panel replacement, ladder and platform installations, or complete tank replacements.

Services we offer:

  • Visual and ROV inspections with a Photographic report
  • Tank relocation and demolishing 
  • Replace spare parts like rods, level indicators, vortex inhibitors, ladders
  • Standard tank clean 

before pictures of a rusted tank interior

the rusted interior of liquid storage tank
Liner replacement before

broken interior tank liner

after photos of a cleaned tank

cleaned interior of liquid storage tank
Liner replacement after

tank liner replacement

ROV Inspections

Tasman also offers Remote Operated Vehicle inspection services (ROV) which allows us to inspect the internals of tanks without draining down the water. This service saves clients money and removes downtime for internal tank inspections.

rusted tank interior
deep trekker camera drone