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Location: Waikato, New Zealand
Application: Dairy Effluent Storage
Industry: Agriculture & Horticulture

Tasman completed the design and construction of this Dairy Effluent (DE) storage tank for a farm in Waikato. The tanks dimensions were 25 metres in diameter and 2.1 metres tall, with an effective capacity of 800kl. The tank was constructed by Tasman’s installation crew from Heavy duty high grade galvanised steel and comes with a design life of 25 years and a structural design life of 50 years. Ground anchors are standard on all our tanks, ensuring reliability during high winds and seismic events, as shown in the tanks photos. As the ground water was only half a metre below ground level, was a key reason an above ground tank was purchased, as well as the fact to build an above ground pond was going to be twice the prices due to the cost of having to bring in the fill to build the pond.

In our tank design we accommodated for the optimal storage of the effluent by facilitating the engineering of a stirrer, which was supplied by Ag First Engineering. Stirrers, also known as agitators, create a constant stirring motion in the tank making continuous movement of the liquid stored, ensuring that no solid masses form. The farm also had solid separation and green water recycling

Tasman Tanks' Lined Circular Heavy Duty Bolted Tank designs are part of a range extending from 72m3 to 6000m3.